Sunday, December 28, 2014


The Ohio State University is involved in the most comprehensive how to manual and e-mentoring program I have come across in the literature to date. Although much of the program is currently archived, the recent RFP due last February, 2014, suggests projects are ongoing until 2017.

The last RFP regarding this huge project was as follows (please note I copied the information below directly from their web site at

Scaling-Up EnvisionIT RFP (2014-17) Request for Proposals (RFP) Mini - Grant to Scale-Up EnvisionIT:

Eligible Applicants and Partners:
1. State Departments of Education

Applications due February 28, 2014

Number of Awards: 3 state teams

Funding Available: $33K per year for up to 3 years for a maximum award of $99K per state

• Awards Allocated: Spring 2014

• Implementation Years: Year 1 2014-15, Year 2 2015-16, and Year 3 2016-17

Grant Award Citation The EnvisionIT, E - Mentoring, and Stepping - Up EnvisionIT Projects were funded by grants awarded to the Ohio State University Nisonger Center from the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education (EnvisionIT Phase I and II award numbers H327A020037 and H327A050103, respectively; E - Mentoring Phase I and II award numbers H327A060066 and H327A090058, respectively; and Stepping - Up EnvisionIT award number H327S120022).

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