Saturday, December 27, 2014


Put on your OSU hats, scarlet and gray, and cheer the best team in the land, and the best all brass band in the land at the Sugar Bowl. I can not begin to tell you how many projects I worked out starring at the football field, a blank grid. We sat in pouring rain when we could hardly see anything, attended every single game we could get on an annual basis until 2010, when I had to ask for lower, senior type seats. I have a fear of heights, but nothing could get me from going to the game, although nothing could get me to move out of my seat either. I hung on to it. I miss the games and maybe if we get one in decent weather, we might try to go again. We do it all when we go, lots of walking, and visiting with friends and neighbors in Columbus, who to my surprise are also on special diets now too!

I remember taking the bus to campus from our first house on Marland Drive and luckily that bus ran all the time as I never got out early like those not taking laboratory courses. When it came to research, I would have been better off to get a room in married housing as I later did at Kent State. We learn as we age, some of us the hard way. I have no regrets, but to do my part to remove anything that I think might be detrimental to any group. It is not uncommon for VIP's to drop "simple English" for words few understand. Sometimes I wonder what happened to President Obama's charge to use "plain" English.

I think a Key Note speech should never joke about a group, even if the speaker is a member of that group. Just because one may have credentials, this is not a license to lose sensitivity. I would hate students to follow such a key note as an example. We are here to teach by example, please try not to use stereotypes in speeches. If you need help with an introductory joke, get a librarian to help, that is what we do, help find openings that offend no one, that everyone can enjoy. In fact, finding the perfect opening for a speech is one of our more "fun" activities.

Set a good example, no matter how many patents or publications you may have acquired, you remain a member of the human race and it is uncanny how a few thoughtless words are remembered and the best forgotten. An entire key note address can be ruined for many, please think about what your are writing to young people, especially in books targeted to them. You are an example, you are setting a good example, the very best you can, think about it as you write your speech. Words can hurt, words can heal. I can verify that words can hurt as I sit here with a broken heart that is on the mend (I hope)!

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