Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month?

My birthday is on February 20, five days after Valentine's Day, but something more important than my birthday (which I am most lucky to have this year) is National Mentoring Month going on right now, in January!

Below is a link describing January as National Mentoring Month! If you have not read "Mentoring Power" or its secret sister publication, "Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences," I suggest reading them NOW! Do you want to make a difference, then go out and mentor someone or write for this blog. Have you worked with your children, tutored a child, volunteered as a sports leader, these are all examples of mentoring.

Since I had my unfortunate and unexpected experience, I am limited to walking around the track at our local high school for one mile, this is 10-11 circles around depending on whether I walk in the inner or outer areas. I watch the coaches, some of which I am convinced are volunteers after school working with kids. It is incredible. I was a tutor once and maybe that is my calling, I am not sure yet, but I miss my kids from k-12 that I worked with for 10 years part-time from my full time duties wherever. The kids filled a void in my life. I miss the kids I taught.

If you feel the same as I do and can make the time mentor while you can and do not forget to get your copy of "Reflections & Connections" at and "Mentoring Power" at -- check the photo on Mentoring Power and "Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters."

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