Monday, January 5, 2015

Mentoring Power at

"Mentoring Power" may be of interest to @StudentsFirst check the short read at

The short ebook can be read in an hour and includes concise career advice and many success stories.

Mentoring is key to innovation and includes complex networks.

Interesting, however, that those within a "mentoring" network often tend NOT to let others in to their private network (everything always seems to be private from funding sources to agendas). If you disagree, please step in and join this blog. I might be playing the role of the devil's advocate.

Have you had a great mentor? If so, please detail herein as it may help others?

I may not have had a great mentor, but I sure have an incredible internist who has saved my life twice. I think he would also be my mentor as he advises me when I do not want to hear what he has to say AND he responds immediately. Yes, I only bother him if I think it is serious and I think I owe him my life --- and yes, he went to the same college I did, THE Ohio State University, graduated in my class and I remember him in biochemistry class so very long ago. That our paths crossed so many years in different cities is a miracle, I think.

Mentors are often found in people around us, mine happens to be an incredible physician who knows me better than I know myself.

If medicine is your goal, find an incredible mentor who can also serve as a role model.

See me on the cover of the book, I may see this little girl graduate from preschool to kindergarten because of my doctor mentor!

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