Friday, January 9, 2015


Something I have bave been very interested in and participated in on a limited scale is telementoring. There is an interesting article on what Akron Children's Hospital is doing in this area at

A direct quote from the cited article:

"“Telementoring allows physicians to perform new techniques safely by communicating remotely with an experienced advisor,” said Todd Ponsky, MD, a pediatric surgeon at Akron Children’s Hospital who specializes in minimally invasive surgery."

Dr. Todd Ponsky emphasizes:

"The telementor is intended to provide an extra set of eyes and ears, not to serve as an essential part of the surgery’s success,” Dr. Ponsky stressed."

Dr. Tod Ponsky is the son of Dr. Ponsky who was chairman of our library committee at Mt. Sinai Hospital for many years. He operated on my husband when he had his first hernia long ago and Dr. Ponsky senior patented inventions he made for minimally invasive surgical techniques. Mt. Sinai Medical Center closed in 2000, but shots of the website remain on the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine.

Although we did not include telementoring and medical type mentoring at "Mentoring Power," it is my understanding that Reflections & Connection: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences IV may tackle the subject. Volume 2 in the series includes health care. The entire book, including Volumes 1 & 2 is an incredible bargain in Ebook format on at

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